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Whether you have a business or are an IT enthusiast, uptime and growth are important factors in the hosting industry. Focus on the growth of your business, and let us handle the rest. We offer scalable hosting services from VPS, Bare-Metal Servers, and Colocation.

Dedicated Servers

Want more than a VPS? Our bare-metal dedicated servers give you the best of hosting, with zero shared resources.


Have a pre-built IT infrastructure? Send us your equipment and we’ll give it what it needs.


Don’t quite need a dedicated server? Our virtualized servers are great for those who do not require a lot of resources for their hosting.


Register to become an Entity Hosting server reseller, and receive special discounts based on the amount of resold servers.

A look at our infrastructure.

Fully transparent.

The combination of redundancies and enterprise hardware provides for a seamless and powerful hosting experience.

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DDoS Mitigation

We understand that uptime is essential to a business success, so all services with Entity Hosting come with our network-wide on demand DDoS mitigation for free. Don’t let downtime disturb your business.

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